Free Terraria Accounts - Download

Terraria is a fantastic new game that originated from Minecraft. Just like Mincraft, the pc game Terraria is getting a lot of popularity. Its not how it looks, its about the journey and creative fun you'll have when playing this game. 
The only thing that's holding us back is Terraria accounts. In US currency it cost about $10, not to be cheap but people dont buy games on the internet because their afraid it wont be as great. Well, I could solve that issue. You could Download Free Terraria accounts and not worry about game not sucking.
There is only one step, Downloading the Free Terraria accounts text file.

Terraria account packs(each pack, 5 acc.):

Use the usernames and password to login into the game and play some terraria.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions
 Q: When I click the link it takes me to a site to download it but I have to do a survey, help? 
 -A: Yes, Im sorry, but its really simple. Just Enter REAL information in the first pages and then skip the rest of the surveys. If it doesn't work, delete your cookies and try again. It will work eventually.
Q: I got the accounts, but I dont have the game, can you upload it?
-A: No, sorry. Use Youtube and Google to find the game. 
Q:Does the free terraria accounts work for ever?
-A: Actually, yes! Unless they close the accounts.